Europe wants Marines to die.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rough subject title, but what else am I to assume? If there are any of you out there that don’t understand why I and others don’t like Europe, or those that do not like it but need further support for their feelings… Please consider the following. A wounded Marine in Iraq needs urgent medical care thanks to injuries by a roadside bomb. His only hope is an elite hospital in Texas. A C-17 is tasked with the mission to get him from Balad AFB, Iraq to Texas. (Full Story)

Ping was riding through Fallujah on Sept. 28 when an explosive device triggered, burning and showering him with shrapnel. Army forces moved Ping from the Fallujah scene to Balad Air Base where Navy doctors stabilized him. The 20-year-old was ready for transport.

Around midnight, the 14th Airlift Squadron received word that the flight was a go. The mission included taking a near nosedive landing into Balad Air Base to avoid potential fire, transforming a C-17 into an
emergency room, and an in-flight refueling to avoid a second landing...

...In the air, Ping remained stable, but his right eye was in danger. Pilots tried to go faster, asking for a direct route through European air space, explaining their medical mission. But a controller responded,Unable.”...

...Again they asked for a direct path and controllers responded, “Not at this time.”...

...Pilots repeated the request for a direct route once they reached American air space and explained their medical emergency. And the controller responded they could have whatever they needed. “You could hear the emotion in the controller’s voice when he found out,” Campbell said. “You could just tell he really cared as opposed to what we heard the whole way.”

He has healed better than expected and is still asking about his fellow Marines even after everything he suffered. Thanks for the help Europe! Why would anyone want to be more like Europe?

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