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C.I.R. Press Editorial

– I have remained out of the battle the past days because as much as I do not like the new Speaker of the House, she is just that and so she should not be discriminated against. She should receive the same perks as any speaker. I was on her side until the fuss of needing a bigger plane. Then I was a little peeved. But I figured that, much like a child, she was seeing how far she could push things before being called on it.

Well she has lost my support! I said the following over at
Mike’s America last night.

If there is a need, security wise, for her to have a plane…fine. A bigger one that can make the trip non-stop…fine. But as you say it is for her NOT her family. I am even fine with some of her staff with her. It is a mobile office and I am sorry but every day is not “bring all your kids/grandkids to work day.”The United States Air Force should not be tasked with providing a fun toy. Remember those images with all her grandkids surrounding her? Give me a break. Look, she would have to go on to Andrews AFB to get on the plane. I would fire up the plane for her, however when she gets to the gate it should be her and
select members of her staff allowed on base. All others should be denied access. She is not an active service member nor retired veteran, so she would not have a DoD ID card. That means technically she has no right to set foot on base. This would be a privilege, NOT a right! If she is flying home every weekend then the privilege should be revoked.And around election time she should have to PAY for the entire flights just as POTUS or VPOTUS must when traveling to/fro campaigning events!
I stood by that until I heard her being interviewed by Greta last evening on FNC. My new response is the following:

She said that she likes her freedom and will not stand for having to stop to refuel. If that is the case she will buy her own tickets on commercial flights. Let’s think about this, what do you think would take more time?

1) Having to book a commercial flight, arrive to go through security at National or Dulles, wait in the plane for takeoff, and then fly west.

2) Going to your private awaiting jet (USAF transport), with no security, takeoff when you are onboard, fly west, stop on a military base to refuel (a location that is secure), then continue to San Fran.

I am going to guess that landing on your way west to refuel would take about as much time as having to wait in line at airports and waiting for the plane to takeoff. And this is a joke if the Sergeant at Arms argues that her having to land impacts her security. I am done, I don’t think she deserves a plane after those comments. She actually said that it was the Pentagon trying to get revenge because she is critical of the military.

Go ahead be like the rest of San Fran and decrease defense budgets because you aren’t going to get your “Pelosi 1” aircraft. And I love the fact that Murtha steps in with THREATS ON THE MILITARY. We have a god damn war to fight and he wants to say this about Pelosi getting what she wants???

“Late Wednesday afternoon, one of Pelosi's closest allies in the House, Rep. John Murtha, D-Penn., chairman of the key Appropriations Committee subcommittee on defense, told CNN that the Pentagon was making ‘a mistake’ by leaking information unfavorable to the speaker ‘since she decides on the
allocations for the Department of Defense.’”

I am still trying to figure out what “unfavorable” information was leaked. The truth? I say revoke this
“security measure.” The Pentagon and country have bigger things to worry about, not the fact that Pelosi demands a certain aircraft and if she doesn’t get it will just fly commercial. Well, let’s call her bluff.
So that is where I stood until about 30 minutes ago. That is when I heard her say the following in the halls of the Capitol:

As a woman. As a woman speaker of the house, I don’t want any less opportunity than male speakers have had when they served here. But ya know what, I don’t even like having the security. I’d rather travel with my friends on the plane to California and get some work done.”
What? Now the Pentagon is being sexist? Are you f’ing kidding me? As a woman? What does that have anything to do with the size of the plane? Does she need more room to store her shoes or something. (Sorry ladies, I know that was a cheap shot, but hey we aren’t all perfect.) I just have no idea why she needs to mention, once again, she is female. We got it, that does not impact what the military “owes you.”

She talks about getting work done on the plane, like what? You can’t get more work done on a military private jet? What work cannot be done with added privacy, zero interruption, and complete control over your surroundings? We have all been in commercial airliners. You know what they look like, how they feel and the atmosphere. Not all of you have been in a C-20, I have.

Now tell me, you can’t get more work done in the setting shown above as opposed to a commercial airliner (image demonstrates the interior of a C-20). I would specifically ask the women out there to chime in as to why you would be unable to work in the setting shown above.


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