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I am asking for a metaphorical “call to arms” this coming weekend. I am not a person that usually tunes in to this show but I will this weekend and I ask every single one of you to do so. America’s Most Wanted will air Saturday at 2100hrs (9pm for you civvies) on FOX broadcast.

Viewers will be asked to call the program’s anonymous hotline, 1-800-CRIME-TV, if they have tips that could help recover the medals.

The Medal of Honor exhibit is part of the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum aboard the dry-docked aircraft carrier Yorktown near Fort Sumter, S.C. It groups the medal’s history into eight eras — the Civil War, Indian Campaigns, the wars of American expansion, peacetime, World War I and II,
Korea and Vietnam.

Each of the nabbed awards is inscribed with the recipient’s name. They date from the Civil War to Vietnam. With the trail grown cold, FBI agents turned to the “Most Wanted” producers for help.

Senior correspondent Tom Morris agreed to tackle the story after being approached by producer Steve Katz.

“It’s an interesting and different sort of crime, an egregious one against the people who bled and died for their country,” Morris said.
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