Missile Defense and Russian Threats.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

-- Currently the MDA (Missile Defense Agency) has planned positioning some 10 interceptors and radar in Europe to protect our assets and allies on the continent from aggressors such as rogue nations like the DPRK and Iran. Russia is using this as an excuse to come after the United States. The system would have no impact on Russia due to the location of the interceptors a missile launch from Russia would be off and too far in to its flight before the radar could pick it up, establish a flight trajectory, and fire an interceptor. That and the fact, I will mention again later, that 10 interceptors can not take out thousands of missiles and warheads that Russia has.

It is only a matter of time before we start hearing the people that say “the end is near” and start the claims that President Bush is trying to bring the world to the brink of Nuclear War. This is just a joke. I have to walk a fine line when commenting about MDA activities but this sentence really got to me:

“Frank-Walter Steinmeier says, because of the strategic nature of the project and its close proximity to Russia, Washington should have included Moscow in the talks from the beginning.”
Really, did Russia keep us in the talks when they developed “stealth” cruise missiles, or how about selling arms to Iran, or launching Iranian satellites in to orbit? Some of you may not remember but it was recently that Russia was firing off a new cruise missile with large range and Putin touted the fact that this missile was “stealth” and thereby could penetrate any missile defense system. Think about it, who else has missile defense systems? Basically the United States and Israel. The “ex-“spy turn leader threatened the US between the lines. Why are we not supposed to respond? In addition Russia has sold state of the art surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) to Iran, perfect timing at a time where a possible (I say possible) air strike might be necessary to stop Iran who again yesterday spat in the faces world via the U.N. And SECSTATE Rice came back with a semi-strong statement:

"I think it is unfortunate that the Russian head of strategic rocket forces would come out and say that somehow Poland and the Czech Republic would now be on the target list of Russia. I think that was an extremely unfortunate comment," Rice said in Berlin after talks with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.”
So to the “it’s America’s fault” crowd please explain to me how our use of DEFENSIVE weapons causes the once super-power to threaten essentially the U.S. and other countries is US causing the situation. That is like looking at two people in a street fight and blaming the whole thing on the guy that doesn’t wasn’t to fight and is only putting his arms up to block incoming punches. This mindset, via the KGB agents government makes me really think that Cold War II is on its way.

In addition for Russia to be complaining is a joke! This is to prevent DPRK or Iran who have a minimal number of weapons and a minimal number of delivery missiles. And I in turn go to the good SECSTATE to make the point:

“Anyone who knows anything about this will tell you there is no way that 10 interceptors in Poland and a radar site in the Czech Republic are a threat to Russia, that they are somehow going to diminish Russia's deterrent of thousands of warheads."

Yesterday, Lt. General Obering (Director of Missile Defense Agency) spoke to the press regarding this issue.

“Here’s what we’re concerned about,” Obering said. “We know that rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran are very much interested in ballistic missiles and that technology, not only for the operation of these missiles, but to be able to have them for coercion and for intimidation purposes.”
In General Obering’s comments he commented upon what we always hear from the lefties, the misconception that MD does not work… but as he said, that is false and there are the test results to prove it. 24 successful hit-to-kill tests since 2001, that does not sound like a “failure” to me. Here is a link to the most recent missile defense piece I have done which in turn includes links to all other MD articles I have done. In addition please read Mike’s America Dem Not Serious About Missile Defense.

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