The lie of the left about the IC

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– You can play the audio and read, there is no video involved. People in general do not understand the intelligence community. There are the foreign intel agencies, and domestic ones. They present intelligence in various forms, at various times sometimes directly to operational units… other times to the legislature and executive. All intelligence does not go through the White House. It used to be that the Director of the CIA was the central location for intel, however we now have DHS after 9/11. I fear that is just adding another layer that will come back to haunt us.

Then of course we have the general structure which I will go on about, but we also have so many people (mostly on the left) that want to limit the abilities of CIA to question a detainee that may have urgent and vital information. While they used to say “I want to do everything to protect America” now an * next to “everything” should be required.

Known as the IC the Intelligence Community is comprised of 16 agencies, bureaus, and organizations. They range from the more notable CIA and FBI, to the ever mysterious NSA. Every branch of the military has an intelligence gathering capability and then there are the other alphabet soup agencies that are never mentioned on the front pages yet play a vital role. All this material is funneled up the chain, and ultimately used by the DNI to brief the President and NSC (National Security Council), among others.

The Senate and House Intelligence Committees are tasked with the oversight of the IC. That is right folks, they have the oversight and are informed of intel operations… they do not need to go to the President. Of course you cannot be providing all intel to hundreds upon hundreds of those at the Capitol. If you want to lay the responsibility of wrong intel, you can lay it at the intel committees. Not President Bush. So let’s look at some conclusions, while keeping in mind we had been attacked on 9/11.

So everyone agrees that both hate the US, and would therefore be willing at times to help one another in order to destroy the United States. But the question remains was the President and others in Congress given information that would conclude a plausible danger from Iraq due to their support of terrorism?

But in the end, the question remains... Was the Congress given intelligence that showed a connection between al Qaeda and Iraq or any terrorist organization? YES. And it was in 2004 that the President should have been vindicated. If anything the blame should be layed at the feet of the IC and of Congress who failed to make sur the IC provided "informed and timely" intel.

For those that want to debate over the IC, don't call in to a show saying "you don't know anything more about it than I do." Not only are you wrong, but I can prove you wrong.

Is this a Congressman Ackerman saying they get briefed? I thought, they were denied intel?