For a long time, I have been forced to "be out in the cold" but the world is starting to see Russia and Putin for what they really are. Now add to it... The Moscow Times.

The Soviet Mentality Is Alive and Well
By Georgy Bovt

Russia's political elite has failed to develop a new, modern style for governing. When observing, for example, how our leaders speak with the public and make decisions, it reminds me so much of the Soviet way of doing things.

For example, nomenclatural arrogance is alive and well. Russian leaders still sees themselves as standing far above the people. Even if they wade into a crowd to have a "casual chat" with the people, it often takes the form of gods descending from the heavens to speak with simple mortals. And even if they graciously ask one of the mortals about his life, his household and how much he is earning, he still comes across as an alien who has landed on an unfamiliar planet.

Does the current leadership not understand that the Soviet approach was proven ineffective long ago?