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Does Suburban Middle-Class America Still "Support the Troops"?
By Austin Hill

Seriously. There were roughly 50 guys who appeared to be fully suited-up, complete with the rifle over the shoulder, apparently “training” in my neighborhood, the lone occupants of the park as the sun was rising.
Then I got an idea - - I ran back to my house, grabbed a camera and my recently awakened son, and returned to the “training grounds.”

“Wow! Cooool,” my son exclaimed when we got within line of site of the soldiers.

I explained to him that we sometimes call these people “weekend warriors;” that they were likely Army National Guard reservists; and, in exchange for a part-time wage, they commit to doing drills one weekend a month, and make themselves available for active duty whenever called upon.

After a few minutes, I approached a group of these guys standing around awaiting their turn to drill. “Gentlemen, thank you for your service,” I said to the group.

And you have to read the rest to come to a sickening conclusion of the mentality and selfishness of some Americans...