Clinton on MTP

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– You can say what you want about the liberal media, but I must say that Russert gave a pretty hard interview to Senator Clinton. After years of saying a timetable is unacceptable, video clips were provided from the past 3 years, she is now for a timetable. We did find out that she has committed herself to not funding the war. That is right she is going to go down the hard-left path of Vietnam days, and pinch the military. Oh but later on there was a caveat including “unless…” so the big headline for Hillary will be “She will end the war by cutting funding.” There she will dupe the lefties, then when forced to defend her comments she can point to the little qualification she made a few moments later.

But that my friends is not what bothered me the most about Senator Clinton. She lied, right through her pandering teeth. She sits there touting General Petraeus after slamming him the other week. But as the point of this blog is to point out where the left is in relation to the military… She is a liar. Regarding the MoveOn ad in the NYT she stated:

“I don’t condone anything like that, I have voted against those who would impugn the patriotism and service of the people who wear the uniform of our country. I don’t believe that should be said about General Petraeus and I condemn that…“

Remember she said she VOTED against that. No she did not!!! In a resolution that passed 72-25 last week, denouncing MoveOn for that distasteful and military hating ad… Senator Hillary Clinton voted “NO.” Now it is one thing to say that you denounced it when you didn’t. You can’t get called on that as easily, and it has been like pulling teeth to get Democrats to condemn the ad. But you said you “voted against those who would impugn the patriotism” when in fact you voted against condemning them.

Senator I’d like to believe you, but to do so would require willing suspension of disbelief. (Where have I heard that before?)