Wheels off the bus for lefties...

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– This is one of those days where I just kicked back and smiled. Why? Partially because so many lefties are going to be losing their minds. The real reason is because these moves are great for the US

First off,
polls showing that those that support the war and believe progress is being made has gone up 10 points while those that think it is worse has gone down 10 points. In total it must stink if you are on the “USA must lose” bus and you felt the momentum was on your side and now this. I am sorry but yes progress is and will continue if support continues to grow, and I think it will!

Second, I can hear you! That’s right lefties, your hatred towards the intelligence community can now just grow. Because
signed in to law was the NSA programs. Oh me, oh my… but what if they hear you talking about how excited you are to go burn US flags over the weekend? Well, that wouldn’t surprise me but nothing is going to be done. Short of you being involved in terrorist activity the IC doesn’t want to deal with you! Face it, this has NOTHING to do with “civil liberties” and everything to do with being against anything the President supports.

Ahhh, it has been a good day for America.