C.I.R. Press Editorial

UNDISCLOSED -- What is it that we always hear people say? Oh yes “the children are our future.” Let’s hope that is not the case, otherwise my USSR talk which started off as a mild half-truth is becoming a scary fact in the world. A new poll conducted in the current Russia (soon to be USSR) showed that half of nearly 2,000 kids between 16-19 thought Stalin was a wise leader.

All you lefties out there that spend every waking moment of your free time bad mouthing Gitmo… Go bitch at these kids that think it is fine for a leader to imprison and kill millions, MILLIONS!!! Compared to the under 400 held at Gtimo who are not abused or killed. And are now getting trials.

Going further the fine young future of the USSR feel it is a shame the CCCP collapsed, and two thirds feel America is the enemy while only 1/5 see Iran as an enemy. Well there is your reason for the USSR to be against missile defense. The young people want Iran to be able to destroy any country with a nuclear weapon. Heck, it won’t be them right? Just all those countries where gosh darn foreigners live. But those are only the “kids” we don’t need to worry…

Oh but then the USSR under the hand of KGB Agent Putin is spying more on Britain and the US. All's fair right, although I could give them a tip. Just get an agent or two in the New York Times. All the democrats and loony lefties call up the NYT with state secrets. Seriously, instead of paying a spy to…well….spy, just have them get a job at the Times or WaPo. The USSR would not only get the secrets but actually receive a paycheck for it!

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