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C.I.R. Press Editorial

– I apologize to the readers. I have been on a brief vacation and quickly thrust back in to the middle of a whole range of things. Therefore I do not have time to discuss much. I bring up two brief points and run back to work.

1) Republicans might have decided to grow a pair and publicly humiliate Pelosi by shutting down her shadow State Department before she starts causing problems. I talked about it back in April:
Regarding Pelosi...

2) The
newest poll that I get a huge kick out of. Only 14% confidence in Congress? LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Want to know how you can be sure your poll numbers are hitting rock f’ing bottom? When people approve of HMO’s more than they do you. But I will rest back in my chair and smile because 69% have a great deal of confidence in the military.

That is right you loonie lefties, the big bad ugly military. So 14% congress, 69% military. And Reid has the audacity to call the generals “incompetent.” From above:

The goal of C.I.R to discuss and prove: An effective military means striving and aiming for victory, anything else is unacceptable. What part do the liberals and press play in the United States Armed Forces overall mission?

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