USSR Watch 2

C.I.R. Press Editorial

The Soviet Union is once again ratcheting up the rhetoric aimed at the US like they did in the Cold War. The only problem is they are not the force they were then. Between the fall of communism and their grip on vast areas they failed. However, as the months pass the (need I remind you) “ex-“KGB President Putin has taken steps back towards the good ol’ days. The steps he has taken have even had some on the left, and those that hate America peeved.

It was over a year ago that the Soviet President was announcing to the world that they developed a new stealth cruise missile that is capable of penetrating any missile defense system. Ok, so quit your bitching about the US getting allies (don’t you lefties like them) to allow us to place a nominal number of interceptors that could counter a rogue missile launch towards the US or Europe. Putin claims our plan will turn Europe in to a “powder keg.” Only thanks to you, Mr. Putin.

Quite frankly I don’t understand why 10 missiles with hit-to-kill vehicles on them (no explosives involved) would concern you. I cannot remember the exact quote but he went on to speak about the protection of Europe and how important that is. I would say that stopping missiles against hitting the European countries is a good way to start that protection. As I have said an uncountable number of times 10 interceptors in no way counteracts the Soviet Union’s ICBMs! We fought that war and won. Although it seems as though we didn’t, we didn’t get rid of all the cockroaches and left one communist loving spook that happen to become President.

And to President Putin, I ask if your super-duper special missiles are so amazing then why the concern over our missile defense? We acknowledge that our system cannot defend against a full attack from the USSR. So either your super missile is not so super. Or you want to cause problems. Tie that in with the fact that a year ago while yapping about your new missile you brought up our “ally” Chirac and went over the system with him. Oh also at the time you were going to be inviting Hamas to come for a slumber party.

Now why would I have any concern of the Soviet Union complaining about our missile defense system when he is meeting with terrorist organizations, detailing secrets to our enemy Chriac, and boasting of new missiles left and right able to penetrate ANY missile defense system the US has and/or develops?

OH YEAH (just remembered)...

While we are talking about creating "powder kegs" President Putin, how about YOUR sale of SAMs to Iran at a very interesting time!?

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