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"For the first time elements of the U.S. strategic nuclear system are appearing on the European continent," Putin said on Friday.

The Soviet President is lying and he must know that these systems in no way endanger the USSR. We are not placing nuclear weapons there. For those that do not understand how the Missile Defense system works (their lame brained ranting: example), brief intro. The radar detects a launch determines which missile to use. The missile launches and directs a “hit to kill” vehicle into the incoming missile. The object literally hits the warhead and uses kinetic energy to destroy it. This is not the old nuclear tipped Nike system as the Soviets would lead you to believe.

We can already monitor military activities in the USSR. To equate this BMDS with our “strategic nuclear” force is a joke. They want to fuss about this to try and maintain they are a force to be reckoned with. In reality as the military top brass conclude: “Moscow's top brass say the missile shield does not pose any immediate military threat for Russia…” Believe me they are more worried about our ICBMs, SLBMs, and B-2s. This is a farce and just like good communists they are having a show trial of sorts.

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