C.I.R. Press Editorial

– If you pay any attention to National Security matters you have heard that “Russia” has been upset with the United States, mostly thanks to the KGB agent President complaining about our missile defense system. What HE and everyone knows (even his own military leaders concede) that our missile defense system in no way can counter the full force of a semi-resurging superpower. So how does he react?

"I have made a decision to resume regular flights of Russian strategic aviation," Putin said in televised remarks. "We proceed from the assumption that our partners will view the resumption of flights of Russia's strategic aviation with understanding."

"Starting today, such tours of duty would be conducted regularly and on the strategic scale," Putin said. "Our pilots have been grounded for too long, they are happy to start a new life."

Last month, two similar bombers briefly entered British air space but turned back after British fighter jets intercepted them.

That is right; they are flying in to others airspace, with strategic bombers. While strategic bombers can carry conventional weapons that is not what they were designed for. They were designed to kindly transport nuclear weapons to their target. After WWII we had to use the aircraft and they were adapted to deliver conventional munitions.

Now I am sure you lefties out there are arguing that America is the wrong-do’er in the world and that the USSR flying a few aircraft around is no big deal. This would be true if it were for air shows. But flying strategic aircraft in to others sovereign airspace while armed with conventional and possibly nuclear weapons is quite a concern! Now you will call me an alarmist and I am fear-mongering. Probably a few people that will say there is no way I could know that. Well I do, and don’t take my word for it.

"I made a decision to restore flights of Russian strategic bombers on a permanent basis, and at 00:00 today, August 17, 14 strategic bombers, support aircraft and aerial tankers were deployed. Combat duty has begun, involving 20 aircraft."

COMBAT DUTY. They are armed. The Soviets are back and under the leadership of a KGB agent that I am sure desires nothing more than a new Cold War, or possibly a very hot war to try and regain face after Reagan slapped them around. We did our job then, because the country was behind it. What will the loony left do this time? Take the side of America or the Communists?

[UPDATED] Vladimir Putin announced ambitious plans to revive Russia's military power and restore its role as the world's leading producer of military aircraft yesterday. ... Presidential aides hinted yesterday that Russia could shortly resume the production of Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic nuclear bombers, now that the aircraft are again flying "combat missions". ... Asked about Russia's resumption of long-range bomber patrols, Mr Safranchuk said: "It's significant. For 15 years the political leadership was constraining the military on this. Now it isn't."

This new article describes the USSR as wanting to have balance in military strength. You don't develop a military to equal another, you develop it to defeat another. I don't need to convince those on the right, but you lefties I ask you one question. In past conflicts whose weapons have we been forced to fight against, and hence claimed American lives. MIGs in Korea, Vietnam. AK-47s there and in EVERY conflict since. Thank you USSR. Don't forget them selling advanced SAM systems to Iran.