C.I.R. Press Note

– It is always easier to get your population to go back to the “good old days” if you get rid of those minor details of how bad they were. Note that all students behind the Iron Curtain were taught using text books that spoke of how the USSR single-handedly defeated both Japan and Germany in WWII. The USA was not even a real part of the war. Well now this is coming forward.

“Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned Wednesday against whitewashing the crimes of dictator Josef Stalin, stressing that Russia cannot move forward without facing the truth about its bloody past. In words that appeared aimed at President Vladimir Putin, Gorbachev also emphasized the need to pursue democracy.

“The Stalin era is being portrayed as a "golden age," said Gorbachev, whose 1980s "glasnost" campaign as the last Soviet president prompted stunning revelations about Stalin's murderous policies.

"We must remember those who suffered, because it is a lesson for all of us—a lesson that many have not learned," Gorbachev said at a discussion marking the 70th anniversary of the bloodiest year of Stalin's Great Terror.”

“Putin has stressed the need for patriotism and pride, restored Soviet- era symbols such as the music for the national anthem, and has said repeatedly that Western portrayals of Russia and its history are too negative.”

"I was not satisfied with this," Gorbachev said, suggesting it smacked of a return to the Soviet era.”

I am blown away. I say to Mr. Gorbachev thank you so much for reading CIR. Obviously someone over there is seeing the light. If you don't believe me and my "crazy rantings" about a return of the USSR... You need not take it from me anymore.