O, Obama

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– So I didn’t know how to really address this whole thing. Keep in mind I am not saying that you are NOT patriotic unless you have a flag pin on your lapel. However, It does draw my attention when you HAVE been wearing one then go out of your way to take it off. I wasn’t going to bother with this garbage but then I saw the video.

Then I saw him giving the speech in front of SIX, count them SIX, flags. If you are going to toss the pin aside because it is a false representation of patriotism why is he allowing US flags to be on the stage behind him? Then when he explains why he is NOT wearing the pin he has another American flag behind him! WTF?!

Let me just do the work and follow the logic, I suppose the following are just signs of “false patriotism”?

The flag represents the United States of America and all it stands for. So why should we elect someone to the office of the President of a country that it would seem he is embarrassed by? Will he be calling for the DNC to get rid of their depiction of the flag off their website? And will he rid his campaign site of the red/white stripes and blue representing the union? I doubt it, but if he wants to be honest he should. And how about his store? Could he say with a straight face that the “O” with red, white, and blue is not suppose to conjure up the idea of the flag in your head? His campaign is selling something he claims to be a false representation of patriotism.