Obama: Get a clue.

UNDISCLOSED -- I would like people to know the type of impact this election could have. I agree that on domestic policies "how much damage could be done in 4 years"? People would see how bad Obama is and oust him. HOWEVER, it is much harder to re-invent the wheel and correct mistakes abroad. "Mistakes abroad" is esentially Obama's only chance at winning. That is why you hear the "Bush 3rd term" garbage so much.

More is to come later on this topic, with details (listen I sound like a politician mom!). lol

My question is why would Israel be allowing FBX-T radar along with 100-120 US personnel on their soil... if they did not believe that missile defense CAN, DOES, and may HAVE to work against Iran. Right now the US is lucky, we are fairly safe with the exception of being hit by the USSR... Israel is the one looking down the barrel on a daily basis. They think it can work and have faith in the THAAD system. Why doesn't Obama and the left?