We must be careful!


UNDISCLOSED – I urge everyone to caution the points we go after. This is in no way a lecture but constructive criticism, in order to not get ourselves trapped. Many on the right went a little nuts when Obama stated he would go in to Pakistan. Now, while stating in such an open manner that you may attack a nuclear power was not wise. However, for all of us who have a strong belief in the GWOT we know we have to go after the terrorists. I think his wording made it sound like he would attack the Govt of Pakistan, which was his failure.

Now we do know they are hiding in those mountain areas. The more recent claims of attacks within Pakistan has made waves and been confirmed by “unnamed Government officials.” I don’t trust those as far as I can spit…but you can make up your own mind. But the terrorists use our media against us. They were making their recruitment videos and using the net before 527s were. And when attacks include “women and children” one must question the validity of the reports, I happen to believe elite units of our armed forces would not line up people in the street and execute 10 of them by close proximity headshots. (Although many on the left, including high office officials like Senator Kerry and Rep Murtha seem to have a desire to lead the American public to believe that.)

The most recent claimed attacks are taking out their HVTs. I have faith in the US military, not in the middle East Press corps. All I suggest to those trying to defeat Obama due to what would be a failure of policy, be cautious about attacking what he says too quickly. He is in the Senate, he can get briefed by the DoD. He has information like McCain, and if he goes out front with something we must all be careful to pile on. For it may have been information he put out that went from DoD through his advisors and he is trying to read the tea-leaves.

The worst thing we can allow to happen is give Obama the chance to make it look as though it is HIS policy that we are all now following so he is right. We must attack Obama, he would not be good for the country. However, let's not just attack for the sake of attacking. Let's have precision attacks that go for the throat. Not ones thast require long scuffles.