Well folks here is your new Sec of State in a performance that dare I say DISGUSTED me as I sat watching in the room. 4 minutes in. (Do you think Obama will make Gates take off his cufflinks???)

CLINTON: Based on your experience, which goes back quite a ways in this town, do you believe the president, the vice president and the existing secretary of defense are intelligent men?

GATES: Yes, ma'am.

CLINTON: Are they patriotic?

GATES: Absolutely.

CLINTON: Do they care about our men and women in uniform?

GATES: Absolutely.

CLINTON: Do they believe the decisions they have made for the last five years have been in America's best interests?
GATES: I have not had that discussion with any of them, Senator.

CLINTON: Well if we...

GATES: I've heard that they believe that they were in the country's best interests.