Did I miss the Inauguration?

Ok, last week the USAF flew P-E Obama in to Andrews AFB aboard a C-32 or C-40, not sure wasn't there. Which is fine, as President Bush will be flown on one of the two VC-25's down to Texas. That part (Obama being flown in) did not bother me. When Obama got off the plane the USAF service members saluted. Why? Protocol? I am just curious, I am unaware of any protocol that requires the military to salute a civilian. He was no longer a Senator, he has yet to be sworn in. He is a civilian with high level clearence. At that point in time he held NO JOB WITHIN THE US or ANY GOVERNMENT.

Obama lays wreath at Tomb of Unknowns
16 minutes ago

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama has laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery after a short ride from Blair House.

Obama, holding his hand over his heart, was joined at the tomb by Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Gen. Richard Rowe, commander of the U.S. Army Military District of Washington.

Visitors to the hallowed burial grounds cheered Obama's limousine as it passed by under cloudy skies Sunday morning.

On Saturday Obama has the mid-Atlantic railways come to a halt, and the entire airspace turned in to a no-fly zone. From Philly down to DC, was a no-fly zone. If he wants to do all this after Tuesday, who am I to argue? As of now, he is a citizen and I hope his campaign is paying back my state of Maryland for having to secure an entire segment of the state at DEFCON-1 levels.

Now he is laying wreaths? And for GOD'S SAKE. If you support him, do me a favor. Do not cheer for him when you are in a cemetery! That is sick. And if Bush supporters ever did, shame on you. Waving in a somber manner is one thing. Cheering??? Could you try to be any more tacky?