To: President-elect Barack Obama

Keep Gitmo Open !

We believe it will be a horrendous error to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

It is an affront to American troops to close the prison and leave the impression that our military men and women have done something wrong. United States troops working at the prison have been wrongly slandered for their work keeping the most dangerous terrorists away from the American people.

Move America Forward recently visited the prisons and observed the professionalism of our troops. They bent over backwards to ensure that the radical Muslim prisoners were treated with kid gloves. They are given regular movie nights in overstuffed couches, top-notch healthcare, air-conditioned accommodations, choices of six meal plans, regular exercise, art and English classes and every religious consideration.

Before American women can visit the prisons, they must cover their arms and legs to ensure that they don’t offend the terrorists. Yet misinformed people demand that the prison close because, they claim, prisoners live in inhumane conditions, which is totally false.

We are outraged at the horrible lies told about our troops who work with these terrorists and the gullible politicians and others who have fallen for the lies. We are especially sickened at American politicians who believe the best abort the terrorists and the worse about our troops.

We oppose your plan to close the prison and bring these murderous terrorists to American civilian and military prisons such as Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Allowing the trials to be conducted in the United States will give the ACLU attorneys and other leftist anti-military extremists the ability to treat the criminal proceedings as “show trials” to embarrass the United States and our heroic troops.

We oppose the plan to ask other countries to house these horrendous murderers as there will be a greater risk of escape or release back into the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, where they can kill American troops and innocent civilians.

Visit the troops at Guantanamo Bay and see for yourself that the right answer is to KEEP GITMO OPEN!