CIR VPOTUS-E Flashback

I am doing some work for the CIR Birthday. And came across this nugget!!! Next time you get in to the battle with the left over Iraq and WMDs just let them know what our new Vice President thinks...

    QOTD 20070429
    C.I.R. Quote of the day

    “Everyone in the world thought he had them … this was not some Cheney pipedream.”

    Senator Biden on Meet the Press describing how the UN had cataloged that Saddam had stockpiles of WMDs. I do not agree with Biden almost ever, but hey at least he doesn’t spend all his time in the land of black helicopters like so many on the left. Now you even have Biden running to be President saying this was not some conspiracy of made up propaganda to go to war. He gets a CIR liberal brownie point award.