Obama, the States Rights Advocate?

I am up for this concept, the question is "Will you actually follow your own words Senator Obama?"

Obama hijacks GOP language on key issues
Stephen Dinan

Borrowing a line from the Republican-revolution playbook of the 1990s, President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday told the nation's governors that he wants them to reassert states as the laboratories for solutions to the nation's big problems.

"That's the spirit that I want to reclaim for the country as a whole," Mr. Obama told the National Governors Association, gathered in Philadelphia. "One where states are testing ideas, where Washington is investing in what works, and where you and I are working together in partnership on behalf of the great citizens of this nation."

Showing fealty to the Founding Fathers' concept of federalism and states' roles in a divided government is the latest statement of humility and outreach from Mr. Obama during his transition. It's one olive branch Republicans said they hope to grab as Mr. Obama seeks to make good on his campaign pledge of change.

"Time will tell. I'm certainly hopeful he will indeed push for states to be the laboratories for change, because they can be," said Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Republican. "If one really believes in change, states are going to be front and center."