Obama politicizing National Security

Government officials familiar with the CIA's early interrogations say the most powerful evidence of apparent excesses is contained in the "top secret" May 7, 2004, inspector general report, based on more than 100 interviews, a review of the videotapes and 38,000 pages of documents. The full report remains closely held, although White House officials have told political allies that they intend to declassify it for public release when the debate quiets over last month's release of the Justice Department's interrogation memos.
So this administration wants to rail on everything that kept us safe for the past eight years. And now the Obama Administration is fully willing to politicize intelligence. Not this "declassification" was being talked about to "political allies" not say all members of Congress. And note they are holding off until things calm down. That way once we are starting to rebound from his most recent screw ups, and maybe the flames will die a bit Obama will come along and dump this JP5 on the world stage to light the world and country ablaze.
Although some useful information was produced, the report concluded that "it is difficult to determine conclusively whether interrogations have provided information critical to interdicting specific imminent attacks," according to the Justice Department's declassified summary of it. The threat of such an imminent attack was cited by the department as an element in its 2002 and later written authorization for using harsh techniques.
Ahh yes, just release the ones that makes people look bad (Note I say "look"). Hide the truth from the public. Look I don't care, would have preferred, if all of it stayed classified. But if you are going to use some of it to attack your political adversaries, let's also know all the death, destruction, and horror that was prevented. NOT BY YOU, but by people ACTUALLY willing to "provide for the common defense" of our country.

This Administration IS making our country and the world less safe. He is providing fuel to the fire. They claim that GTMO recruits terrorists. What do you think causes more?

1) People making up what they want about what goes on in GTMO to recruit? (They will just find something else the "evil west" does to replace GTMO should it close.)

2) Releasing classified information to our enemies that only show what APPEARS to be bad, but then not telling the world all the hell that was planned and prevented by the assholes that this Administration is now aiding. Kudos to the fucking President of ANYTHING BUT the United States of America.