Missile defense, now is the time!

WMD and ballistic missile proliferation trends make the case for a missile shield.
by Peter Brookes

Just 10 years ago, there were only six nuclear weapons states. Today, there are nine—with another country knocking on the door of the once-exclusive atomsplitting

Twenty-five years ago, nine countrieshad ballistic missiles. Today there are nearly 30—not to mention that ballistic missile testing hit record post-Cold War highs just last year.

Clearly, the ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation trend isn’t positive. Despite this, a missile defense system that would protect the homeland, American troops overseas, allies and friends remains a controversial idea in some corners of American thought.

While the George W. Bush administration took significant steps to develop sea- and land-based missile defense systems to thwart the growing threat, development of the missile shield is far from complete. Considering just Iran’s nuclear efforts, North Korea’s assistance to Syria, and robust Russian and Chinese arsenals, it’s imperative
that the White House and Congress support missile defense programs to close a gaping hole in our national security.
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