The one and only AIG post I will do. (UPDATED)


I want to know if the politicians on this list that received donations from AIG, and are now treating AIG like they raped our fruited plains will be returning this money? $165 million is such a small amount when compared to the overall situation... this has become a smokescreen like none other.

In relation to the $165 million Politicians took .0039% of that amount for their campaigns. Shouldn't they return the money, it's for the "taxpayers" after all.
A $14 trillion economy hangs by a thread composed of (a) a comically cynical, pitchfork-wielding Congress, (b) a hopelessly understaffed, stumbling Obama administration, and (c) $165 million.

That's $165 million in bonus money handed out to AIG debt manipulators who may be the only ones who know how to defuse the bomb they themselves built. Now, in the scheme of things, $165 million is a rounding error. It amounts to less than 1/18,500 of the $3.1 trillion federal budget. It's less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the bailout money given to AIG alone.
As Krauthammer points out this $165 million (which is indeed a boat load for most people) is like spitting in the ocean when put in to context. So I say if you are going to spend my money bailing companies out, then have hearings (costing money) about getting the money back regardless of the fact that the economy is not teetering due to this $165 million! Then:

Congressmen and Senators, give back the money or rid yourself of the honorable titles and take that of hypocrite. If you say the CEOs do not deserve such benefits, you are the ones that signed off on the stimulus money so you on the Hill and White House deserve the money even LESS than the execs.

And that is all I have to say about AIG.

GOP wants probe into AIG donation

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) | New York's Republican Party says the Democrat-controlled state government is ignoring calls for an investigation into a $100,000 donation to the state Democratic Party from American International Group days before officials initiated the bailout of the insurance giant.

State Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello accuses Democrats of a duck-and-cover response to disclosure of the donation, first reported Thursday by the Associated Press.

"Several public calls have been issued for a thorough investigation into the matter, yet the all-Democrat state government continues to stonewall and refuses a thorough and independent investigation," Mr. Mondello said.
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