Open For Questions. (UPDATED)

Here is my favorite question so far from the newest New new media site by this Administration (Open For Questions). I have been through nearly 100 as I vote. Here is my favorite (as a real question), find yours and leave it in the comments!
"I'd like to directly see the results from the stimulus funds already deployed. Will there be a sign on road projects, for example, so we know that project happened because of the new funds?"

Holy CRAP. This is what the left has delivered to our country:
"Would you be willing to tax all income over $250,000 at a rate of 91%? This is how is was until about 30 years ago? Does anyone need that much money to survive?"
Umm maybe because you are punishing achievement? How about you make kids in school and college pay more in tuition the higher their grades are? Fair is fair I'd have to say.

"I have a Masters, lost my job a year ago, & can't afford a trampoline for my kids. There is a $3,500 swing set outside your window .You proclaim "we're all in this together". As a millionaire, how do you relate to my struggle to merely get a job?"