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A federal jury on Wednesday awarded the father of a fallen Marine $2.9 million in compensatory damages after finding an anti-gay Kansas church and three of its leaders liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress for picketing the Marine's funeral in 2006.

The Westboro Baptist Church gets... well, just watch. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you to the onlookers, and God Bless.

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C.I.R. Press Editorial

– Not just one subject today. I thought I would give a run-down. The first is what will piss off the lefties so badly. “By the end of Friday trading, News Corp. sported a market capitalization of $67.79 billion, larger than Time Warner, the former biggest media company in the world.” That is right Fox News beats CNN in the ratings and market as well. So lefties out there tell me if so much of the country is so against FNC and the right…why are their numbers so high?


“Nobel laureate Doris Lessing said the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States were "not that terrible" when compared to attacks by the IRA in Britain.”

She goes on to compare the attacks with the years of violence suffered under the IRA. I think I understand her point, but I think her way of coming to the conclusion is horribly flawed. Keep in mind that I am not trying to take away from the IRA attacks, but the article goes on to say how 3,000 died on 9/11 but 3,700 were killed over 30+ years. That is about .34 deaths/day. Acceptable? Of course not. But to compare that rate to nearly 3,000 on one single day? I don’t think so, I am going to be lazy and not find the actual number but I am willing to bet the rate of deaths due to gang violence in the LA is higher than .34 per day.

This was a well orchestrated act of war. That does not take away from the deaths caused by the IRA. But there is a big difference. However those that like to play the number game as to why to end the war never like to accept war for what it is. Every soldier, marine, seaman, and airman that loses his or her life is tragic. Then you hear we have been in this war longer than WWII. Well, do you want to go by time or loss of life? Because in WWII we lost more soldiers and marines in single beach landings than during the entire course of this war!

And finally a story you will see all over MSNBC and CNN (tongue in cheek). “Violence in Iraq has dropped by 70 percent since the end of June, when U.S. forces completed their build-up of 30,000 extra troops…”

“In Baghdad, considered the epicenter of the violence because of its mix of Shi'ites and Sunni Arabs, car bombs had decreased by 67 percent and roadside bombs by 40 percent, he said … In Anbar, a former insurgent hotbed where Sunni Arab tribes have joined U.S. forces against al Qaeda, there has been an 82 percent drop in violent deaths.”

YES, there were WMDs!

“President Bush publicly honored a fallen Navy SEAL [Lt. Michael Murphy] Monday by presenting his grieving parents with the Medal of Honor — and privately honored their sacrifice by wearing a dog tag they'd given him moments before.”

You know how the left is always yapping about how we should never ever ever have politics get involved with war. Well on CNN, just take a look at the category they placed the Medal of honor story… yes, “POLITICS.” I checked and while FNC does have it linked under politics the main story is under “U.S.”

This man is a hero, and we should all be humbled that we live in a country where people are willing to go off and lay down their lives for their fellow brothers in arms, and us. God Bless.


Who is mis-informed?

In the past week I was accused of drinking the kool-aid and buying in to the spin of the White House by a guest on Nikki's show. There were "never" any WMDs in Iraq he claimed and we had not found any. Well I told him he was wrong, but he was deadset on being Anti-Bush. I am sorry I did not do it until now, but I got around to it and for your eyes...

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Must Read.

Does Suburban Middle-Class America Still "Support the Troops"?
By Austin Hill

Seriously. There were roughly 50 guys who appeared to be fully suited-up, complete with the rifle over the shoulder, apparently “training” in my neighborhood, the lone occupants of the park as the sun was rising.
Then I got an idea - - I ran back to my house, grabbed a camera and my recently awakened son, and returned to the “training grounds.”

“Wow! Cooool,” my son exclaimed when we got within line of site of the soldiers.

I explained to him that we sometimes call these people “weekend warriors;” that they were likely Army National Guard reservists; and, in exchange for a part-time wage, they commit to doing drills one weekend a month, and make themselves available for active duty whenever called upon.

After a few minutes, I approached a group of these guys standing around awaiting their turn to drill. “Gentlemen, thank you for your service,” I said to the group.

And you have to read the rest to come to a sickening conclusion of the mentality and selfishness of some Americans...


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Just watch... SICK

And the left wants to bash the RIGHT for hating the military? This speaks for itself.


My Two Cents #1

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Just watch.


Turk vs. US. We lose.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Well I never thought this would happen, well of course I did. The lefties are screwing over America.
The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the bill Wednesday by a 27-21 vote despite intense lobbying by Turkish officials. The committee's vote was a triumph for well-organized Armenian-American interest groups who have lobbied Congress for decades to pass a resolution. President Bush warned that it could harm U.S.-Turkish relations, already stretched by accusations that Washington is unwilling to help Ankara crack down on Kurdish rebels based in Iraq.
Now I am betting that some if not all of the people that voted for this were the ones complaining about how we needed to use more diplomacy in the world. They told us war is not the way to do that, I suppose alleging a country committed genocide in 1915 is the way. Of course this is to make Bush look bad and ultimately hurt the United States.

The Turkish ambassador has been recalled, the first step in a diplomatic breakdown. I think this is the lefts 4 millionth back-door way to end the war in Iraq. (Remember that for later.) This will only diminish the ability for the US to hold off Turkish military involvement against the Kurds in northern Iraq. In addition we use Turkish airspace for a number of things, one of which as a way to get injured personnel from the theatre to the hospital in Germany.

But they are looking out for us right? “The U.S. Embassy urged Americans in Turkey to be alert for violent repercussions.” Ooops. But that will be isolated and we have no history of the path this could go down right? “After France voted last year to make it a crime to deny the killings were genocide, the Turkish government ended its military ties with that country.” Ooops. Let’s give them a break though. It isn’t like my hypothesis that they might use this to end the war has any truth right?

A key feature distinguishing today’s debate from the one on the “Comfort Women” resolution is that U.S. troops are currently engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops depend on a major Turkish airbase for access to the fighting fronts, and it serves as a critical part of the supply lines to those fronts. A growing majority in Congress, and I am among them, strongly oppose continued U.S. troop involvement in the civil war in Iraq, but none of us wants to see those supply lines threatened or abruptly cut.
Whoa…Am I good or what? Why get blamed for cutting funding, when you can pawn it off on another country right? But it gets better.
All eight living former secretaries of state recently cautioned Congress on this matter. And I quote, “It is our view,” write former Secretaries Albright, Baker, Christopher, Eagleburger, Haig, Kissinger, Powell and Shultz, “that passage of this resolution … could endanger our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and damage efforts to promote reconciliation between Armenia and Turkey.”
And even better…
Three former secretaries of defense – Carlucci, Cohen and Perry – this week advised Congress that passage of this resolution, and I quote again, “would have a direct, detrimental effect on the operational capabilities, safety and well being of our armed forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan.”

And they voted for it!!! And what op-ed conservative piece did the last 3 quotes come from you ask. It was Lantos’s opening statement to the committee!!! Who ever, left or right that voted for this can have all the above hanging over their heads. Approx 27% of the 235 cosponsors were Republicans. Shame on them.


How times change...

Yes we used to treat enemies as, well I don't know, enemies. Now we make excuses for them and invite them to speak at our colleges.


O, Obama

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– So I didn’t know how to really address this whole thing. Keep in mind I am not saying that you are NOT patriotic unless you have a flag pin on your lapel. However, It does draw my attention when you HAVE been wearing one then go out of your way to take it off. I wasn’t going to bother with this garbage but then I saw the video.

Then I saw him giving the speech in front of SIX, count them SIX, flags. If you are going to toss the pin aside because it is a false representation of patriotism why is he allowing US flags to be on the stage behind him? Then when he explains why he is NOT wearing the pin he has another American flag behind him! WTF?!

Let me just do the work and follow the logic, I suppose the following are just signs of “false patriotism”?

The flag represents the United States of America and all it stands for. So why should we elect someone to the office of the President of a country that it would seem he is embarrassed by? Will he be calling for the DNC to get rid of their depiction of the flag off their website? And will he rid his campaign site of the red/white stripes and blue representing the union? I doubt it, but if he wants to be honest he should. And how about his store? Could he say with a straight face that the “O” with red, white, and blue is not suppose to conjure up the idea of the flag in your head? His campaign is selling something he claims to be a false representation of patriotism.


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