I will let the article speak for itself.


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Iraq veteran sues Moore over 9/11 film
Associated Press
BOSTON - A veteran who lost both arms in the war in Iraq is suing filmmaker Michael Moore for $85 million, alleging that Moore used snippets of a television interview without his permission to falsely portray him as anti-war in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

...In his interview with NBC, Damon was asked about a new painkiller the military was using on wounded veterans. He claims in his lawsuit that the way Moore used the film clip in "Fahrenheit 9/11" - Moore's scathing 2004 documentary criticizing the Bush administration and the war in Iraq - makes him appear to "voice a complaint about the war effort" when he was actually complaining about "the excruciating type of pain" that comes with the injury he suffered.

..."It's upsetting to him because he's lived his life supportive of his government, he's been a patriot, he's been a soldier, and he's now being portrayed in a movie that is the antithesis of all of that," Damon's lawyer, Dennis Lynch, said.

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Flags In.

U.S. Army soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, The Old Guard, place American flags in front of grave markers during the "Flags In" ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., May 25, 2006.

Defense Dept. photo by William D. Moss

Click here for the entire Photo Essay...

Honor and Duty (h/t ETL)


Don't catch him!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I couldn't believe this but the story comes out and I just had to quote some of the reaction. There are actually people that disagree with this image! What in God's green earth are they thinking? This is about an ABC story of Osama being spotted. (h/t Drudge) Just look at some of the replies:

"Bin Laden is moving closer to civilization because he knows Bush won't go after him.That's because Osama works for Bush. Bush planned 911 so he could invade Iraq. Bush is a traitor. ABC News supports Bush. ABC biased the NSA poll so it supported Bush."

"If only we had elected Al Gore, bin Laden would now be in his 5th year of court appeals... sigh."

And my personal favorite…

"The only thing that would suck about capturing or killing bin Laden would be that Bush's approval rating might crack 40%....he doesn't deserve the credit. "

Don’t catch him because it might help the President’s approval ratings? Are you insane?
And the left wonders why they have problems with their perceived stance on National Security?



Emergency Action Message 20060523

C.I.R. -- E.A.M. Link

[UPDATE] 20060526: Confirmed 78-15

Nay: Bayh (D-IN), Cantwell (D-WA), Clinton (D-NY), Dayton (D-MN), Dodd (D-CT), Dorgan (D-ND), Durbin (D-IL), Feingold (D-WI), Harkin (D-IA), Kennedy (D-MA), Kerry (D-MA), Menendez (D-NJ), Obama (D-IL), Specter (R-PA), Wyden (D-OR)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today the Senate Intelligence Committee decided that they would allow the vote to go forward to confirm USAF General Hayden, a lifelong intelligence professional, to head up and take the reigns of the CIA. The American public should be glad that such a professional is willing to serve his country and they should expect the security of this nation to progress with his help.

For the record: Senators Russ Feingold, Ron Wyden, and Evan Bayh voted against the nominee. All are democrats, and be sure to not give them an OUNZE of credit for any progress made in the security of our nation. They really leave a bitter taste in my mouth.



Attention People... and Salute!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Why not make note of something that seems to have not been covered by a single other source than AFIS. Lefties out there, you have the right to do so... but I'd prefer you not call this propaganda just because it was organized by the govt. How do you not cover this? Well we here at C.I.R. have. And so the 10-20 readers we have will know, mdconservative and I beg you to mention it on your blogs.

Nation, Families Take Moment to Remember, Honor the Fallen
By Samantha L. Quigley
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2006 – More than 1,000 families and friends of servicemembers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq gathered near the Washington Monument for "A Time of Remembrance" today.

[UPDATE:] I was working and unable to personally attend, however I decided to check with a few sources. NONE were able to confirm that Congressman Murtha was present to pay his respects. ('Tis a double-edged sword Mr. Murtha, where were you? Being the most connected and “for the troops” guy.)

White House Commission on Remembrance
The Free Lance Star, Washington Times, Washington Post (While I am glad to see it is now being covered I am amazed that within MOMENTS the photos and stories of Barbaro, the horse hurt for those living on the moon, hit every site...yet it took a day for a scheduled event of 1000+ family and supporters of those who gave their life for the country to break.)


Oh ok, Ya caught me!

C.I.R. Press Alert

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- How things change. One man that is harsh against the TSP program, basically his OWN idea.

A big huge hat-tip to NewsMax.com:
In 1994 Sen. Pat "Leaky" Leahy co-wrote a law that forced telecommunications carriers to build convenient wiretap features into their networks enabling the kind of telephone records collection now at the heart of the controversy over the National Security Agency's terrorist surveillance operation…

"CALEA requires a telecommunications provider to make 'its equipment, facilities, or services ... capable of ... enabling the government ... [without a warrant] to intercept ... all wire and electronic communications carried by the carrier.'"


LIBs: Get oversight, but it already existed.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- “The declassification was requested by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The records show that 95 lawmakers participated in at least 30 briefings. Every one of those lawmakers was briefed more than once.

Pelosi, D-Calif., was briefed six times -- four times between October 2001 and June 2002, and twice in 2004.

One source told FOX News that Pelosi's briefings coincide with the time during which the NSA was putting together its terrorist surveillance program. The briefings she attended were on that program alone and not other NSA programs.” -FNC

There you go, you have your blessed oversight; I know you don’t want to admit it but it was there all along. Should I now assume that you will not only hold the President accountable? Of course not. Liberals will use this information to make more insane charges against President Bush. I have a crazy idea if you are in that boat. Oversight does not mean you get to listen to the information and throw the responsibility of doing things about it the other way. Now they know, for certain, if it is so bad they should be ending the program by any means correct? Did they? No. Are they? No.

Note: What good is oversight when you have Pelosi and others receiving the information for years and doing nothing about it? If anything you should hold the members of congress more responsible than the President. If he is one man and they are many, why did they not end something that you seem to believe violates your rights?

I have your answer! It isn’t violating your rights, is not illegal, and is necessary for national security.


Other CIR NSA related comments:

PATHETIC! [Specter], Emergency Action Message 20060427 [Specter], N.S.A. (Never Screw Around) [Feingold]


Asked and Answered

C.I.R. Reply

"Hey there Ms. Sheehan, do you want me to list how Al Qaeda had links to Saddam?" [A statement made by me.]

In response to that “Anonymous” wrote:
Would you, please? Hard facts, that warrant occupying their country and killing tens of thousands of civilians and thousands of our own, please.

Number one, WE are not killing our soldiers terrorists are. And that goes for the civvies too, many of them are killed by car bombs and suicide bombers. Get it through your head, the United States Military does not utilize car bombs and sui-vests.

I wanted to make it front and center. Not to be lost a few posts back. While I am in no way saying Iraq was behind 9/11, I use this photo to illustrate that Saddam was obviously not too upset about it. I have used information that is all publicly available. But I will give full credit to Richard Minter and his book “Disinformation” that does a great job of pulling together facts that I know, there are many books but this one really would just slap your face Anonymous. These are just a few of many, and obviously there are many more that I will not divulge.

-In 1992, according to Iraqi intelligence documents obtained after the war, bin Laden met with Iraqi intelligence officials in Syria.
Stephen Hayes, “The Connection” Weekly Standard 2004-06-07

-Saddam’s relationship to bin Laden was documented while the arch-terrorist was based in Sudan from 1991 to 1996. Patrick Fitzgerald, an U.S. attorney in the Clinton Justice Department, prepared and indictment of bin laden. “Al Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al Qaeda would work cooperatively with the government of Iraq.
9/11 Commission Report

-“In 2000, Saudi Arabia went on kingdom-wide alert after learning that Iraq had agreed to help al Qaeda attack U.S. and British interests on the peninsula.”
Stephen Hayes, “Body of Evidence: A CNN anchor gets Iraq and al Qaeda wrong. But will the network issue a correction?” Weekly Standard 2005-06-30

-Abdul Rahman Yasin was the only member of the al Qaeda cell that detonated the February 26, 1993, World Trade Center bomb to remain at large in the Clinton years. He fled to Iraq. U.S. forces recently discovered a cache of documents in Tikrit, Saddam’s hometown, that show that Iraq gave Yasin both a house and monthly salary. This confirmed American television reports from the Clinton Era.

-Terrorist Organizations Given Funds, Shelter, and/or Training by Saddam Hussein:
Abu Nidal Organization, Ansar al-Islam, Arab Liberation Front, Hamas, Kurdistan Workers Party, Mojahedin-e Khalq, and the Palestine Liberation Front. Combined they have killed 811 (36 US), wounded 2,667 (91 US).
Murdock, “Saddam Hussein’s Philanthropy of Terror.” &

U.S. Department of State, Office of the Coordinator to Counter-terrorism, “1968-2003: Total Persons Killed/Wounded – International and Accepted Incidents.” Figures prepared for author November 17,2003.

I hope that helps clear up a few things. Keep in mind I am not using things from the 1990’s to go after Clinton, these are events that happened that is all I am saying. There was a connection between al Qaeda and Iraq as much as you don’t want to believe it. Now please you and Ms. Sheehan STFU.



Does anyone else find it funny...

C.I.R. Press Editorial

-- That all the liberal media cares about is getting their grubby little fingers on those “banned” flag draped coffin photos? I don’t recall them trying to find images like the one above. Photos that show there are wounds but not every one is fatal. That the seaman is willing to continue to serve after being injured. And most when sent home for rehabilitation desire to be back with their “brothers”, even though it isn’t possible. The left media is left on the sidelines with their paper sales slumping due to their actions. They gave it their all, they really did. But then it just gets worse. The April recruitment numbers come in exceeding goals, how could it be?

All their effort and I am sure they are confused as to why men and women continue to serve this country. Let’s give them a pity applause. They did their best to make the country look horrible, and to make our military leaders look stupid and the grunts out to be blood-thirsty killers. To their surprise they failed. Now can we deport them?



Anyone have an oversized roach-motel on hand?

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The proof that lunatic liberals are a threat to our national security… I don’t know of any poll that feels our invasion of Afghanistan was illegal, wrong, as a matter of fact pretty much everyone said let’s blow the [blank] out of them. I am not talking about Iraq here, ok. So for a moment leave the Bush lied garbage out of this. Just Afghanistan for the moment.

I guess the world and overwhelming majority of the American public was wrong. This nugget from, of course, the moronic whining bitchy waste of cells, known as Cindy Sheehan. The only good thing she EVER did was give this world a true patriot and hero. From there it was all downhill. Maybe Casey decided he needed to defend this country from threats foreign and domestic. Growing up around his mother he must have worried about the future of the country and world if the likes of her gained power. While in Canada…

"I believe my country shouldn't be in Afghanistan anyway," Ms. Sheehan said.

While lambasting President George W. Bush and the U.S. government for the Iraq war, Ms. Sheehan also fired broadsides at the UN-backed international mission in Afghanistan.

"My country supported Osama bin Laden in the fight against Russia," she said.

You dumb bitch. The US never paid Bin Laden. Even he denies it, the money the US spent to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan went to a very separate group that later became the Northern Alliance. Bin Laden and the Taliban did not get along with the N.A. You are free to your own thoughts, but they are wrong. Hey there Ms. Sheehan, do you want me to list how Al Qaeda had links to Saddam? Oh wait, we can’t even go after them in your eyes so that does not matter. Morons.




C.I.R. Press Alert

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Regarding Senator Arlen Specter. Just so all of the public knows, especially the voters of PA. He is planning on using the possible confirmation hearings of General Hayden to learn of state and military secrets (classified info, for those not on track) that he does not have the clearance to know. In turn using such information to end a program or (Speculation:) disclose to the general public if HE deems it ok to do so.

This is not just an abuse of his power as a Senator, but also his position within the Senate. He is not playing politics, he is playing with National Security. He is no better than the leakers in any of the agencies.



I work for the REAL President!!! (Thinks the actor)

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Every now and then I happen to catch Maher’s show. Usually I try to avoid it for my blood pressure’s sake but tonight I couldn’t resist watching before heading to work. I had planned to speak about what a pain General Clark is. Although listening to him talk about the Democratic National Security plan was pretty funny. Instead, as I came through the gate to work this evening, I was thinking more and more of the guest from our quasi-government… known in most circles as “the West Wing.”

The show has some very good sets, the writing can be good, and I will not deny that the acting abilities of the cast is very good. However, they are a bunch of misguided arrogant hippies that actually think they run this country. Ranting over.

After using every talking point, and ranting about how horrible this administration is. How horrible the War on Terror is; favoring, I suppose, the let’s understand them not kill them approach. Now, keep in mind he has just been talking about how horrible the war in Iraq is and borderline the military in and of itself. The fact we should not be there. Then in response to the topic of criticism of the Government he had this to say:

“That’s what our soldiers are dying for in Iraq, so they can complain about the government.”

Well thank you Mr. Bradley Whitford. It went from being a useless waste of life and money… to the frontline for the fight for the freedom of speech? What an amazing fool. They are not “dying to” they are “fighting to” protect our countries safety and the freedom the people of Iraq. The soldier never goes to war to die for the ability to criticize! If you are dead you can’t speak. Soldiers are willing to place their tail in the line of fire for YOUR freedom to criticize the Govt. YOUR ability to have safety at home.

The most honorable part of service to your country is the fact that you are not doing it for yourself, as he seems to believe. It is honorable because you are doing it for the few you know, but the hundreds of millions you do not. I would really love to know what Mr. Whitford has done for the soldiers? There are the few in Hollywood willing to aid the soldiers, regardless of their opinion of the policy. But far too many feel that counting their recent paycheck is plenty of service.

Hypocritical? Yes, but at the same time it will be nice along the road to defeating terrorism to have him and his likes not involved. Because then we can say “we did it, and without you!” I wonder if he thinks he gets much respect among service members. If he does, well he feels a sentiment that does not exist. He is a pathetic little man, that does this country a service by staying on the screens and staying the hell out of the way.



The bleeding hearts that we need to suture.

"I can live with death for him… I am disturbed by the whole process, the idea of putting a person like him on trial -- a civilian trial with a lawyer, a stage on which to address the world and to manipulate our system for 4.5 years at incredible expense. He ought to be treated like the soldier in Al Qaeda, the unlawful combatant he is. Either left to rot in prison until the war he and Al Qaeda declared on us in 1998 is over; or like FDR and the German saboteurs – put them before a military court which does not have some of the bleeding heart litigation that you had in this civilian trial… To give them all the protections of our Constitution is a terrible mistake. It is a misunderstanding, what we have here are warriors not common criminals."
-Charles Krauthammer

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Speaking in regards to terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. I say he is dead on. We cannot allow these terrorists to start coming to US soil, have a little trial, and go on with life. They don’t want to rob us, rape us, they want to destroy us! I have a crazy thought. I say we destroy them first, no not in the courts: as in death – destruction. KILL THEM.

Honestly I don’t care if they are here or there, kill them. That is my suggested policy that will be reviewed by md, and see if it gets signed into C.I.R. law.