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C.I.R. Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Do to the recent developments in Iran, mdconservative will have very restricted time over the next few weeks as work begins between the US, IAEA, and UN Security Council. He did not wish for the blog fall behind so he has left it in my hands. He will make comments when/if he gets the chance.

Until then you are stuck with me. I will do my best to fill his shoes, and convey whatever observations or stories he brings to my attention. I have never been a fan of the blogs myself, so I am new to the whole deal. The more I have read the various blogs md visits, it interests me. Our opinions tend to be on the same line of thought, but I am a little more blunt about things.

I am going to try to maintain the blog in the style and mindset md has developed. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or you think I am not doing CIR justice. I appreciate your comments and look forward to some good discussion. He has also instructed me that I should continue to keep up with the blogs he frequents; I will not post in his name. I will simply try to make points that I believe he would have brought up on a range of topics.



The turncoats are coming.

"Whatever their protest was about, what they were attempting to do to the flag ... which represents a lot of rights and freedoms that we all have ... was wrong for a lot of reasons," Monday said. "Not only does it desecrate the flag, but it also desecrates the effort and the lives that have been laid down to protect those rights and freedoms for all of us."
-Washington Post

My apologies. I meant to post this a few days ago as an example of what a hero should be. Not a rapper or protestor like Cindy. But, an honest athlete who served 6 years in the USMC Reserves. And was able to find time to save the flag, instead of watch it burn. Like Paul Revere he made his dash as a patriot. C.I.R. extends a big thank you and "Semper Fi" to Rick Monday. When you look at this picture it proves the Marines are the first in the fight.



Emergency Action Message 20060427

C.I.R. -- E.A.M. Link

You see a photograph of a man who has totally lost his mind. During a time of war, an unconventional one; where intelligence is almost more necessary than radar on our shores or Navy ships, Army tanks, or Air Force jets. It is intelligence required to keep the home front truly safe. The above Senator, the lacking in judgment Senator, Arlen Specter (R-PA) has decided that he might attempt to cut off funding... to one of the most vital intelligence programs in our nations history.

"Institutionally, the presidency is walking all over Congress at the moment," Specter, R-Pa., told the panel. "If we are to maintain our institutional prerogative, that may be the only way we can do it."

With all due respect… I hope the President steps on your neck, holds you down, and beats the teeth from your head. Legislatively of course. Speaking of "institutionally", I believe you just may belong in one.



The best judge of "character"?

C.I.R. Press Editorial
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Senator John Kerry, on April 22nd, 2006:
And once again we have seen personal attacks on the character of those who speak out. Well I say this, how dare those who never wore the uniform in battle attack those who wore it all their lives.

I could not believe my ears as I heard this sputter out of (losing Presidential Candidate) Senator Kerry. Does he not know that it is the civilians in this country that run the military? Basically he just said that the majority of 296 million people are not allowed to speak out! It has been policy for years that women are not allowed to fight in battle.
To the serving females out there: Kerry just told you that your voice is of no significance.
To the pacifist anti-war organizations: Kerry just told you to shut up. You haven’t worn the uniform so you have NO right to criticize the military and its leaders.

I urge you to note that he isn’t saying that you had to wear the uniform to criticize the military. There is some feeling of truth, in the military, to that… BUT it is not true. The feeling is only one of knee-jerk and not one of real thought. He makes a point to say that you have to have worn the uniform “in battle.”

There are so many who have served honorably and never seen battle. There are bases around the world that are manned and when we go to war those bases don’t close their gates, turn on the alarm, and march off. There are still men and women working around the bases that see no battle, but if it were not for their support any war effort would be impossible. The enlisted at the back lines that repair the tanks, airplanes, helicopters, HMMWVs; but don’t see battle, they don’t count?

During the Cold War, men sat in holes in the middle of the nation manning nuclear weapons. Men at bases were on call 24/7 ready to deploy to their B-52’s on the flight strips. Men were sitting underwater for months in the Arctic Circle. Men were actually flying B-52’s 24/7 in huge circles around this hemisphere. Senator Kerry, those men never saw the face of battle, thank God. I guess their dedication and effort to the country is of no importance, their opinions should never count, correct?

Senator Kerry, you disgust me. I wear my uniform proudly; my position does not involve me being deployed. Does my voice not count? You are a disgrace to this fine country, and to the uniform you once wore. (The same one you wore out of military code before Congress, might I add.) By your dim-witted logic, I suppose the “common folk” cannot criticize politicians for they were never politicians themselves?

For those out there, there are many people over the years that have gone through the Pentagon and never seen “battle.” They have risen to high levels due to their dedication and success in other forms. Some for developing new weapons or armor, some due to years spent studying at war colleges. If your logic is so correct Senator Kerry, how is it that you could have supported placing Bill Clinton in the seat of Commander-in-Chief even though he did not serve, actually ran away from serving? Where was your outrage then?

In conclusion I am offended on many levels, but you talk about character Senator Kerry? I am overwhelming sickened and offended that your statements would seem to discount the fact that my father served in the USAF for 31 years before retiring at O6. He was never sent to battle. How dare you imply, actually outright state, that since he was never in battle… that strips him from credit of wearing the uniform for 31 years and obtaining the rank of Colonel. He is made of better character than you, in addition out ranks you. On his behalf…



Dear Liberals and Media,
I have heard the arguments that we need diplomacy and cannot take any action against Iran. With all due respect I disagree. A very good piece came out, that backs up my contentions. The following are quotes regarding:

UN Security council's demand to stop nuclear work...
Iran announced this week it had successfully enriched uranium to make nuclear fuel.

We should talk to Iran and use diplomacy...
"We give no importance to her comments," he (President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) said with a broad smile. (Refering to SECSTATE Rice.)
Iran is only out for peaceful uses...
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief must give a report at the end of April on Iranian compliance with the Security Council demand. In Tehran he said that after three years of investigations Iran's activities were "still hazy and not very clear."
Iran is only looking out for itself...
"Whether you like it or not, the Zionist regime is on the road to being eliminated," said Ahmadinejad.
Well, that about does it for me. I hope you will scroll down and read some of my recent posts, this I felt it was necessary to highlight. I hope you will consider the implications of these statements and realize how much of a threat Iran is. And most important, they are not willing to negotiate... all the while developing a weapon system that will help them fulfill their percieved place in history. To destroy Israel.

Warm Regards,


Emergency Action Message 20060414

C.I.R. -- E.A.M. Link

In using threatening and aggressive tactics to prevent interested students from contacting military recruiters, these protesters infringed on the rights of others and acted with intimidation, intolerance and disrespect. Many did so with their faces covered, unwilling to take public responsibility for their actions.

I am honestly surprised, the Administration of UC Santa Cruz made the right move. I cannot believe that they were willing to make this type of a statement which you know has to piss off many on the campus. I am also very glad they went to the point of noting how many were covering their face! What does that make me think of? TERRORISTS! These kids were in their own way terrorists*.
*"the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion" and "one that inspires fear"

The only question is will they stand behind it, or is this just the front to make sure their $80 million hangs around.

Two days ago I made my case, and for the meantime stand by it. I want to see how things really end. The college should invite ONLY military recruiters back on campus to make up for the time lost and the people that wanted to talk to them but did not have the chance. The National Guard can do security and crowd control this time.

To listen to this jackass (UCSC “reporter”) on TV the other night saying that this protest is because of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is insane! A bunch of kids who are anti-war, some that want us to do hippie happiness chants, and the others that are just out to cause trouble and should be SHOT. (Not killed, just in the leg or something. Not the knee, too hard to repair. And avoid all arteries to prevent excessive blood loss.)



C.I.R. Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In the United States we find ourselves too afraid to "profile" people of mid-east background when going through airport security. Yet the real way to end violence is to drag a 15 year old to an administrator for having an American flag. (Note, this is in California.)

Malia, way to go. But one little tip don't keep the flag in your pocket where you are sitting on it. The flag of the United States of America is always supposed to be allowed to wave freely in the wind.



Goodbye 54 electoral votes.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I am finished with California, so I am announcing that it is no longer a state. Why you ask? Because I am starting to see too much garbage and I am ill.

Time after time... College after college... Military recruiters are banned from campuses, and when they are allowed on, the students create an environment which is restrictive and dangerous. Yesterday at UCSC the students created a situation in which the recruiters left so that no students would be hurt. That is right the "killers" packed up and left to protect the morons. (Note: no quotes around morons.)

It is law that the recruiters must be allowed on campus or, ooops you lose your federal funding. For UCSC that is about $80 million I believe; I would yank that money so fast people would think there was an earthquake. But this is time after time. While it does happen in other states, California is the mother of this nonsense. It will be a US territory. Tax yourselves, no longer do your schools have federal funding, you don't get Medicare, Social Security, highway funds, NOTHING. The sovereign United States will maintain hold off all military facilities in the territory, as well as the ports. (And Desert Springs and Pebble Beach, because the golf is great.) And of course the property around the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will remain part of the US and nearby will be the US Embassy.

Another problem solved; all illegal immigrants, you get to stay: IN CALIFORNIA. Which I remind you no longer receives federal funding. Deal with the problem you Cali's. These schools are run by the state. So if there are problems I hold the STATE responsible for controlling the campuses. Now California finds itself with no federal funding for schools or to pay the "immigrants" medical bills. Too bad you should have thought about that before pissing people off.

But at least one student, Cody James, said he was disappointed that he couldn't get in to speak with the military personnel. "It's frustrating,'' said James, a senior majoring in politics. "I'm not a Republican. I'm not a conservative. I don't support the war. It's about finding a career."
Kudos to you! There is at least one patriot out there. You don't have to want war or be a republican to be a patriot; you just need to be willing to serve your country.

Isn't it a funny thing that it tends to be the pacifists that stir up protests that seem to get out of control and violent? As well it is nice that the pacifists decided to slash some tires, why not throw some rocks at the recruiters as well? Oh they did. How long is it going to be before these wastes of space start saying that once they are hired they cannot be fired? In addition they have to be hired right out of school? I ask why must we put up with Students Against War? I wish I had the authority to allow the recruiters to carry their sidearm’s when going to campuses to recruit. I would have no problem, myself, shooting a student that threw a rock at me. Bummer for them because I am guessing my aim is better and the chamber has another round well before they can pick up another rock. Am I horrible? I don't know I am sure I will be told and lectured. But this group, just to give you an idea of what purpose they serve in the US, from their website:

Welcome to the online home of Students Against War. SAW is a network of students
and other young people opposed to U.S. military interventions. We are a coalition of groups and individuals based in the upper-Midwest that was founded on the evening of September 11, 2001.

I want to continue, but that leaves me speechless!



It's raining nukes!!!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I was shocked to see the
newest headline claiming we are going to be using nuclear weapons on Iran. OK, I admit, I am surprised this scare tactic hasn't been used more. And to be clear, I am an advocate for our nuclear deterrent forces. Nuclear weapons exist in the world; to the lefts chagrin I am more comfortable with them in US hands than any other nation.

In many situations I would rather [on paper] use nuclear weapons to bring a country to its knees and in the meantime not have to lose a single soldier. Then those nags over at the DoS remind me that we have to maintain diplomatic relations with countries. And yes, even I can understand that "nuking" countries left and right may not be the best of ways to make friends, or peace, around the globe. But no one could ever twist my arm hard enough to want to take the "nuclear option" (that phrase has caught on, even in politics) off the table. I want it there, I want it known. The real reason for our nuclear weapons is so we don't use them.

How stupid you say? No, they are there to make sure that other countries know we are the biggest and baddest on the block. For the most part you don't go around pissing that guy off. I don't want any liberals, anyone, leaving a reply that we should just get rid of them if we aren't going to use them. Well how often do police officers have to use their firearms? I am willing to venture a guess that it is a low percentage, lets take all the firearms away. Let's take all pepper spray away from women; most of them have it for years and never use it. That is what we hope and pray for.

We could use nuclear weapons on facilities in the desert to prevent Iran from using that location. I hear you, I hear you. "But...They are in bunkers so there is no way we can do anything about it." You jackasses. You need a refresher in a thing called the "American Spirit." We do what we put our mind to. Even if what is deep in the bunker is not destroyed, fine. You don't need to do that. If there is a tunnel to get in and out of a facility, well I invite you to do the math if parts of the tunnel to “get to” the location cave in. You cannot use what you cannot reach. And should you want to explore the nuclear realm, use a nuke to cave in the tunnel. Monitor the area, if they send anyone to go near that tunnel you know damn well there is an important reason.

I conclude with what made me get my "skivvies in a bunch." Where does this miracle of a story generate from, the British press. Which has not been fans of the US, Bush, war, anything. So that made me really laugh. The British press informing me about the US military options. Then it just got better. Their source for the story, none other than Sy Hersh. Mr. Abu Ghraib himself. The one caught in multiple lies in regards to many later depictions he made of things he really hadn't seen... but knew, just because, well he did. (But just can't prove it. Hmm, reminds me of...can't put my finger on it...DAN RATHER and MARY MAPES! I am guessing without "the blue dress" our thoughts would have been outrageous lies. But we knew it! All jokes aside...)

I am just curious Mr. Hersh, these details you mention...

There are two Hershes, really. Seymour M. is the byline. He navigates readers
through the byzantine world of America’s overlapping national-security bureaucracies, and his stories form what Hersh has taken to calling an “alternative history” of the Bush administration since September 11, 2001.

Then there’s Sy. He’s the public speaker, the pundit. On the podium, Sy is willing to tell a story that’s not quite right, in order to convey a Larger Truth. “Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people,” Hersh told me. “I can’t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.” (
New Yorker)

... which persona are they coming from?

Reporting, in and of itself, is a thing of the past. I encourage you to read the entire New Yorker article. Now everyone is too involved with predicting. That is no way to run news, you end up getting most things wrong or flawed and in the meantime may make lunatic Presidents set on getting rid of Israel start to think the next night or two may be the last chance he has to do it.



20060404 Brief Note

C.I.R. Press Release

I have had little time for blogging past day or so, and will not be able to for a few days. But to add to the asses known as our educational system, another school has come to my attention that feels, being patriotic in the United States... well... this just isn't the place for it. What jackasses.

(CBS4) WESTMINSTER, Colo. The immigration debate and demonstrations caused a middle school in Adams County to change their dress code. Students at Shaw Heights Middle School are no longer allowed to wear anything that's patriotic, including camouflage pants, because they have become a political symbol for a version of patriotism.

On a different note:
Sea2Sea has found a terrific article regarding the "pacifists."