Dumb question, smart answer.

Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked:
"What do you feel when you shoot a Terrorist?"
The Marine shrugged and replied,
"A slight recoil."

(I apologize for not having longer posts, but as my recovery goes on I haven't been up to really sitting down for much writing. Things will be back to normal posting soon.)

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Sick Quote of the Day

"Who gives a fuck about the American Spirit."

-Bill Maher (23MAR07)

You really have got to love the left, and who are we on the right to judge their patriotism? Hmm.

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Doing what they do best.

C.I.R. Press Alert
Iran is back to doing what they do best. Taking hostages.



Worth the minute to watch.

Why I trust the US Armed Forces and only the US Armed Forces.




I am just making a post on behalf of MD. He suffered a fairly severe head trauma injury when exiting a transport. He will be back ASAP, and is doing well. There was a fracture of the skull but all seems to appear to have a positive outcome down the road.



Thank you all for your kind words and wishes. My head was struck several days ago by a metal support bar of some kind while exiting a transport here in CONUS. I was out and had a fracture/chip of sorts of my skull. I underwent surgery to relieve swelling. I now have some high end composite materials and screws under my scalp.

The swelling has caused some issues with my hand, so I will be off work pending review and recovery. In the mean time I will be doing some rehabilitation and hope to continue with my job in the future, but if not I will find other ways to serve the nation. Once again thank you for your words of support. I should be around the blogs a good deal in the coming weeks and possible months.



Murtha revelations on MTP.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning I had the unpleasant surprise to see Murtha appear upon my television. I decided to be a good individual an listen to him, unlike those on the left with BDS that just think republicans are wrong… because. Here are the revelations I heard this morning from Rep. Murtha.

“The details will be released tomorrow”
(Hasn’t that been the lefts catch phrase for the past few years, the plan tomorrow…no tomorrow…)

“As I predicted.”
(Well if you are such a good prognosticator, why did you EVER support the war?)

“Civil war.”
(Said 4 times in 4 sentences in under 10 seconds.)

“There is no way that we can continue our troops in harms way…” ***
(Just remember that one, will be used in a moment.)

“They don’t need to be up to our standards.”
(Speaking about Iraqi troops. He simply says they know the lay of the land and don’t need to be up to OUR standards. Ok, semi-valid point… if he was not the one always running around yelling about “standards.” He is just saying they don’t need to be in order to justify his attempts to cut and run.)

“They know where the al Qaeda is.”
(He said this about the Iraqi troops. Now I thought the Democrats were against the Iraq war but on board with the “War of Terror.” Interesting, remember all the complaints that continue to this day about going after the “real” enemy and not wasting our time and assets in places like Iraq? Well once again we have a democrat saying al Qaeda is in Iraq! Last week it was Levin, this week Murtha. So if democrats want to nail al Qaeda why are they trying to run from the fight? NOW refer back to the noted quote ***. Murtha does not want troops in harms way even though al Qaeda is there. The democrats appear to want to surrender to al Qaeda.)

“…2500 air force people to guard the prisons, who will be untrained to handle the prisons in Iraq.”
( His concept is that any US troops will commit the Abu Graib violations... they just will. I love the way he says “air force people.” Just so condescending. As if it is only the Army or Navy or Marines that can do things. Murtha, if it was good enough for VPOTUS to use I say to you “go fuck yourself.” Assuming that troops will mistreat prisoners off the bat. This is great he has gone from insulting, to convicting prior to trial, to now contending that airmen in a plan on paper will be conducting human rights violations. Oh yeah, he is a staunch supporter of the military. Murtha you are no better than those that spat on soldiers retuning from Vietnam and calling them “baby-killers.” You are worse, because once you served, and you still serve in the government… you should be above that but of course you're not.)

At the moment he insulted the United States Air Force, I could not listen further. By the way the USAF has some of the best security forces. If they are good enough to guard our ICBM silos and other nuclear weapons, don’t you think they can handle a prison?

In regards to when Russert actually pushed a bit about cutting the funding. Murtha was asked several times if he was for it. Now while I have to say he never answered “yes” he never said “no.” That means yes. This idea of setting up benchmarks that must be met in order to continue funding… they are either unrealistic or things Murtha knows cannot be done. So if he is for cutting of funds if those criteria are not met, and he knows they cannot be or is going to make sure they cannot be… he is for cutting the funds. My favorite dodge for a direct question of ‘are YOU for cutting the funds?’ was when Murtha replied “Well ya gotta have the votes to pass legislation.” The only person that does not view that answer as “I want to cut the funds to end this war is" Mudkitty. Who continues to blindly day after day insist that no one is even considering the cutting of funds to end the war.

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