Yes Virginia, Iraq has made progress.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– I am back and hope all had a great holiday. Last evening I was as usual listening to the radio and heard a terrific email that was sent in to confront people that say we made things so much worse in Iraq. You know there is truth in "Rome was not built in a day." Most countries were not built in 3 years either. Most construction projects in a modern US city take as long or longer than the work being done in Iraq.

The three regional sewage treatments plants in greater Baghdad did not work; raw waste poured into the Tigris River and downstream through villages. SadrCity, the impoverished Shi'iteslum repressed by the ruling Sunni Ba'athParty, lacked any sewage system. "Some slam the Americans because there is sewage in SadrCity," said an incredulous Mr. Popps. "Please."

The electrical grid suffered under 1950s technology and disrepair. Saddam Hussein starved the rest of the country of power to give the capital of 6 million about 20 hours a day.

The country lacked any primary health care facilities; hospitals and schools were run down and lacked supplies.

And of course a very important point:

Imagine if the US military had control of the Middle Eastern media like the jihadist have over the courtier press here? Our problems would've been over years ago.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I apologize for not having time to put something more together, but I am quickly having some time withe the family before being sent off later tonight. So I will be gone for a bit, as usual CIRDeputy might help me out.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!




Last evening on Brit hume:

"We could CUT AND RUN or stay and pay."

An exact quote, and finally a dem willing to call it what it is. Cut and run, not "redeployment."

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San Fran, go protect yourself in the future.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Well as most know the left coast is the land of liberals and San Francisco is by far the Mecca of the liberals. So for those of you out there that get mad at me for having doubts about the true feelings of liberals and the military… sure you can argue that John Kerry didn’t really insult the troops, my opinion is that he did. But beyond that how do you explain San Francisco’s hatred of the military? Their call to be “diverse”?

If it is gay pride, abortions, anything like that they are certainly diverse. Bring the military up and they are a bunch of losers that quite frankly I do question whether they deserve to be protected by the military they love to toss from town and belittle time after time after time after time... get the point?

After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

The Board of Education voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years.

Dozens of JROTC cadets at the board meeting burst into tears or covered their faces after the votes were cast.

"We're really shocked,'' said fourth-year Cadet Eric Chu, a senior at Lowell High School, his eyes filling with tears. "It provided me with a place to go."

So so diverse, they are really looking out for the kids aren’t they. Liberals and the people of San Francisco should be ASHAMED! In conclusion this quote sums it up for you, after reading it just remember that they still oppose and voted against...

"Opponents acknowledged the program is popular and even helps some students stay in school and out of trouble."

So try and tell me that they care about the kids and are not just ANTI-MILITARY. Please.


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C.I.R. Press Alert

-- Finally someone has the guts to be completely honest and wrong… Today Dennis Kucinich made the following statement:

"I want to say that there's one solution here, and it's not to engage in a debate with the President, who has taken us down a path of disaster in Iraq, but it's for Congress to assume the full power that it has under the Constitution to cut off funds. We don't need to keep indulging in this debate about what to do, because as long as we keep temporizing, the situation gets worse in Iraq.

"We have to determine that the time has come to cut off funds. There’s enough money in the pipeline to achieve the orderly withdrawal that Senator McGovern is talking about. But cut off funds, we must. That's the ultimate power of the Congress, the power of the purse. That's how we'll end this war, and that’s the only way we’re going to end this war.

No debate with the President, can you just smell that bi-partisanship? I am not saying that Congress does not hold that power, I do not believe they should use that power but that is another debate. I would like anyone from the left to defend the above position as anything other than LITERAL “cut and run.” He wants no debate over how to correct things he just wants to CUT the funding and thereby forcing an end to the war. Hey, if you agree that is your right… but don’t try to say it isn’t “cutting and running.” Dare I say he is even further out on the limb than Murtha.

Will the entire Democrat party embrace Kucinich’s cut and run plan?


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Some sun in a cloudy week.

Former U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry (background L) watches on as incoming U.S. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (C)(D-NV) walks alongside his party colleagues on Capitol Hill... (Yahoo/Reuters)

The democrats won and get the last laugh, one can argue. But this photo sure as hell put a big fat smile on my face.


Redeploy NOW! Just not too fast!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– I thought we heard from the Democrats during the election that there would not be an instant call to “cut and run” should they take control (ooops, did they mislead the American Public?). The President says he is open to suggestions as to how to change the policy. And current suggestions from the left side of the aisle…

Democrats will press President George W. Bush's administration to tell the Iraqi government that U.S. presence was "not open-ended, and that, as a matter of fact, we need to begin a phased redeployment of forces from Iraq in four to six months," Levin said on ABC's "This Week" program.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said "we need to redeploy," but that the decision should be made by military officers in Iraq.

He said on "Face The Nation" program on CBS that he would not insist on a specific date for drawing down troops, but that a withdrawal should start within the next few months.
“Redeploy” means give up the fight, no matter how much the left wants to spin it. Look if you are for getting out of Iraq say it honestly as opposed to this redeploy garbage. One second Reid says that choice needs to be made by officers in Iraq, then he says it should start in a few months? Which is it? And on top of the “redeployment” talk we have Rep. Pelosi saying that now she will in deed put her weight behind Murtha. He was going to run to lead, then he wasn’t when he was a bad face during the election. His comments being so over the top were not too good for the democrat party. Well they won and now it would appear as though he may be in.

Now it is understood the democrats want out of Iraq, but the question is how can they put Murtha in with his previous comments? How can they be too harsh about getting out of Iraq creating a mess (yes even worse than what is there now… your beloved NIE even stated that pulling out would make things worse) and expect to win elections in ’08?

I agree that the American public is not happy with how things are right now, that does not mean that they want their newly elected officials to make it worse for that country, the region, and hence the entire world. You just start rushing out of there and that is what you have. I want to take back Congress and hold the White House in 2008, however I would prefer not to win it at the cost of the Iraqi people and the stability of the region.


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Stand up for the SECDEF (UPDATED, again)

C.I.R. Press Alert

It should come as no surprise that I have a great deal of respect for the SECDEF and his contributions to America in his many years of service over his life. Thank you Secretary Rumsfeld. As for the potential charges in Germany, if they go through with them I have 2 things:

1) I will never buy anything German again nor give them a dime of my money in tourism.

2) Let’s see how bi-partisan the new congress is willing to be. Are they going to stand up and at a minimum back their fellow American and push to keep any such investigation amongst Americans, or are they going to start sending Americans abroad for trial. If that is the case it means administration officials, politicians that essentially voted for the war, soldiers, agents in the intelligence community may all be in the crosshairs.

I wish the republicans had won, but they did not. But are democrats willing to stand up for their fellow Americans or is the hatred still enough to start tossing those we don’t agree with to other countries? To the hate the right wing, Bush, and all in the administration people I ask you to push your elected officials to investigate if you really feel it is needed but also to stand up for our fellow Americans and not allow other countries to hi-jack our country and supersede our own system.


Over at Huffington Post let us just look at the FIRST response to this...
"If their eventual executions were put on pay-per-view the proceeds could pay off the Federal Debt."

Then a few more responses later...
"They should spruce-up one of the ovens at Auschwitz, and add Lieberman to the indictment. This time, they'd be on the side of the angels."

And later another supporter of Germany returning to their Nazi ways...
"As far as the oven at Auschwitz, I don't care if they pump gas into it after Lieberman and his ilk are enclosed, perhaps they could just add a soupcon of attack dogs, as was done at Abu Graib."

Great people, I wish I could associate myself with them. The real irony of calling the administration "Nazi's" for so long and then how to punish them? Fire up the ovens? My god! And go after Lieberman, put him in an oven because he beat Lamont?

The witchhunt shall begin. They will go after all, in every country until they get the blood they so desire.

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A very BLUE and rainy day.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Of course I am disappointed. Congrats to the liberals out there. But now, especially if the senate drifts over to your side you have all the possible oversight you could ask for. That means “Bush lied and we need oversight” is no longer going to work. I hope you are responsible and don’t decide that terrorism should take a backseat to social programs and investigations. And I truly hope that you don’t believe that by de-funding missile defense that will make Iran and DPRK calm and able to work with. It will do just the opposite! Please don’t make that mistake.

I will just flat out assume that the NSA will no longer be allowed to do its job.



C.I.R. Election Note

On Tuesday remember this footage (click here if the embed is having issues). Do you want to send people to congress that will work to fight tooth and nail to defeat the terrorists, or elect those who wish to ensure the terrorists rights are protected above our national security.

It was not republicans that cheered to: "We killed the Patriot act."